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Respiratory protection with the highest degree of protection. The mask has elastic bands so it sticks well to the head.

Designed to protect the respiratory system from highly and medium dispersed aerosols of extremely hazardous and highly dangerous harmful substances with a content up to 50 maximum concentration limits. (fibro- and carcinogenic, radioactive, bio-hazardous, etc.).

The mask is made using the most advanced materials, has a low respiratory resistance in its class, provides effective protection under various conditions, retains its protection and operating properties in a wide temperature range.

Meets EU standards EN149: 2001 and FFP3


Multi Buy Prices breaskdown


50 @ £9.75 each 

100 @ £9.40 each 

250 @ £9.00 each

500 @ £8.50 each 


FFP3 Face Mask

PriceFrom £10.50
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